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QUESTION: What can I keep if I decide to cancel, is the website mine?


What you can "take with you" depends on what you own the Rights to. In most cases, our customers pay a one-time setup fee for us to build them a website using one of our Website Templates. If this is the case, you can not take your site design with you if you cancel, but you can take any content, images, or digital assets that you own or created using our software packages.  see below…

If you purchased the Rights to your designs then you can take the entirety of your website design and any graphics, content, or other digital media that you purchased or commissioned us to design for you.

If you are using a website template EBWAY retains the Rights and Ownership of that material. In some cases EBWAY has purchased a "User License" from our partner network and although we don't actually own the designs, they can only be used through a relationship with our company.  

If you are using "Open Source" software such as Joomla! or WordPress than you may continue to use these applications at no additional charge. However, if you are using a Template built to work within that application you will need to verify if you purchased to rights to that Template or if you were simply using a License.

Since 99% of the sites we build are connected to a CMS system [Business Catalyst / EWEB CMS] of some kind it's important to mention that a client may not access or copy any proprietary code in an effort to re-create or re-produce our protected materials, code, and designs.

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