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QUESTION: Why is the migration taking place, can't we just keep our old sites?


There actually 3 reasons for this migration.

1. Energy Site Migration:
Our main partner Energy Web Solutions [] has chosen to not provide the Energy Sites anymore. Instead they have transitioned their core business into providing eCommerce tools for contractors in the Heat Oil business, selling Heating Oil online. EBWAY was notified back in September of this change and given a certain amount of time to move all of the EWEB sites off of their platform.

2. Joomla Site Migration:
The open-source platform known as Joomla! has taken on a life of it's own online. Unfortunately that has made it increasingly dangerous to use as it's extremely vulnerable hacking. We have chosen simply to not support Joomla! anymore due to the increasing risk factor and the issues it has caused for many clients so far. As it turn out, the money you save by using an open-source solution is only saved in the initial setup costs. The ongoing maintenance, updates, upgrades, and changes that have to made make Joomla! one of the most expensive solutions to run if you don't have a programmer in house on your full time staff. And even then, it's extremely time consuming to keep it running properly.

* Please Note: Back in December we notified all of our clients via our client newsletter/email that we would terminating the Joomla! department here at EBWAY, so we no longer have a Joomla! team in house to support that user base.

3. Hello, Business Catalyst!
After we separated from Eweb and had the issues with open-source products like Joomla! we decided to look for a solution that would stand the test of time, a solution that we could count on to take care of our clients needs. Since our new partnership with ADOBE Business Catalyst our business has taken on a new life and a new direction. We now realize that if we are to offer a valuable service to our client base, our products have to be better than the average open-source solution.

As a full service creative firm we now look for clients who have a vision. If you have a goal for your business or brand then we want to help you achieve it. These days it takes more than ever to succeed. You need a good website, an Internet Marketing plan, Social Media outlets, and fantastic graphic design to get your message in front of your chosen market. We do all that and then some! We'd love to see you grow with us...

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