4 Critial Tools for Website Owners

These days owning a website can a tricky deal. Many business owners think that once they build their website they are done. That couldn't be further from the truth.  In fact, once you get your website up and launched, it's only the beginning. Now that you have a sort of "Base" or "Hub" for your online efforts, it's time to start using it. But where do you start?

The tools in this post will help you find marketing areas in your own website, see what people are searching for, and even improve your own service offerings so you can convert more visitors to leads. Take a look.


Heat maps by companies such as CrazyEgg [http://www.crazyegg.com] give a visual representation of what users are doing on your site by tracking each individual click a user makes. It even tracks clicks that aren’t links, something that Google Analytics does not provide. With heat maps, you can find out if users are using the site the way you intended and make changes where needed.

For example, are users incorrectly clicking on elements of your website?

 heat map



Does your website have an internal "Search" option? If so, this is a great tool for you. If not, call you web designer right now and have them put one in asap!

Google Analytics has a feature called Site Search that uses internal search data to track and analyze what visitors are searching for within your site. Internal search data is very important because it helps give insight into what your visitors want and why they are there.

internal search



What are people saying about your site? Listening and monitoring your audience through unsolicited feedback can be a very important tool to help understand them. These channels allow you to stay relevant with your audience. This way, you can create informed decisions about the direction and design of your website.

Google Alerts allows you select specific search terms and notifies you via email or an RSS feed anytime that phrase is found by Google. It gives you the ability to search within blogs, news, groups, video and the web.




Did you know, you can search with Twitter?

Twitter’s search function allows you to monitor what people are saying in real-time. Additionally, within the advanced options, you can limit searches to locations, dates, and even if users are asking a question.

twitter search

In closing..

This is by no means ad exhaustive list, but it does give you an idea of the kinds of tools available for those looking to improve their game online. So the next time you start looking for someone to re-design your website, make sure you understand who you're really designing the site for... The visitor!

Thank for reading.

Jonathan Hinshaw

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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

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