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Google is cracking down, press releases don't work - generate SEO value with these 5 new school seo techniques - New School SEO

Google Is Cracking Down 

As Google begins to penalize just about every single link-building technique out there, it is going to become extremely tough for small business going forward. Especially for small businesses with an online presence to build. 

Link building is still the #1 way to generate the traffic, page rank, authority and rankings needed to succeed online… But, with Google’s new rules, how can you build high quality links that won’t get you or your clients in trouble? That’s what we’re going to answer here. Welcome to EBWAY’s New School SEO techniques

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5 New School SEO Techniques 

We asked a few successful SEO agencies and small businesses on the strategies they used to get links for their websites… 

1. Build high-value tools for your target industry

Every industry / market has a need for unique, high value tools that will make life easier. While a lot of these tools can be packaged and sold as a product, there are several other smaller tools and ideas that are useful. Create some free tools that are useful, that'll get the links coming! 

Dave Davis, RedFlyMarketing - "Free tools for SEO purposes has been so successful that we now have a dedicated budget to build such tools that our peers and competition can use."

2. Target niche journalists on Facebook

Press releases are boring, and they don't really work in getting the word out to the journalists any more. More and more businesses are turning to journalists, rather than traditional PR. Create lists of journalists on Facebook and advertise directly to them! 

3. Local sponsorships rule 

If you are a small business catering to a specific geography, then backlinks from organizations in your town or neighborhood offer a great deal of local search engine optimization impact.

  • Sponsor Events
  • Support Local Charities 
  • Put On A Show! 

4. Create something fun for link building 

You don’t always have to create ultra-useful tools and resources to earn links. Sometimes doing something fun will bring links too. 

This is exactly what Blue Fountain Media did to earn nearly 50 additional links. Check out their PacMac game on their 404 page

5. Identifying dead businesses

While new businesses are created every day, a lot of existing businesses die. Find out who was linking to those websites and offer up your links instead. Simply by becoming pro-active, you can help webmasters who need to fix their broken links anyways and pass that Google Juice on to your domain! 

Do you have any tips or new school seo ideas that are working for you? Share them in the comments below… Thanks for reading! 

Jonathan Hinshaw

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Thursday, February 05, 2015

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