Are You Ready For The Shift In Retail?

With stores closing all over the US and even the World... is your company positioned to take advantage of the new online marketplace?

Most of you know that here at EBWAY, we're huge fans of eCommerce! If you do the math, it's a simple solution to profits. With a professional (heavy emphasis on professional!) online store, retailers don't have the overhead of a storefront, inventory, etc. In fact, it's easier than ever to get an online store going - just look at the T-Shirts people are trying to sell you on Facebook and it's obvious... eCommerce is taking over. 

The New Marketplace 

It's my personal belief that with the invention of VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) the world of online commerce is about to be turned upside down. Imagine for a moment that you're looking for a new paid of shoes. Pretty soon, you'll be able to put a set of VR goggles on and 3 seconds later, you're browsing shoes at the largest shoe store in the world. No need to drive anywhere. No need to talk to anyone. You're just there - and you can pick out the perfect pair of shoes. 

That may be an exaggeration, but we're not far off from that type of online experience. 

In fact, it's already begun, check out what eBay is doing

Stores Are Shutting Down 

If you look at all the retail stores that are closing, you'll quickly see that more and more people are shopping online. In fact, my son is 14 and I think everything he buys comes from Amazon. He's never even been into a mall. I grew up in the 90's - this was the economic boom for malls, shopping and young spenders. Retailers found out in the 80's that kids had money. Even if it was their parents, they had money. So, by the 90's most advertising was focused on bringing in those young spenders into the store. 

This isn't how it is anymore. Most of the marketing you see now, especially on TV is for "Membership Stores" - you join online for a small fee and you'll get clothes, shoes, sunglasses, food - whatever you want. And it's delivered to your front door! If you think this isn't killing retail locations, you're living under a rock. 

Don't believe me... Check out Clark's article here: These major retailers are closing stores in 2017 

The Shift In Retail Has Already Happened 

We're living in an amazing time. The old guard is dying and the rules are changing. If you own a retail store and you don't have a way to allow for online transactions, you're missing out. And, in 5-10 years - you probably won't be in business without the online portion running. 

That's just my 2-cents. Some one has to say it. 

If you want help with your eCommerce needs, please contact us - we'd love to help! 

Jonathan Hinshaw

Post Date:
Saturday, January 14, 2017

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