Best Web Design Articles For Business Owners

A collection of the best web design articles from around the web. These articles shaped the future of my web design agency years ago. They can do the same for you right now...

best articles for web designers


Spec work is like a 4 letter word in the design world. Business owners find it hard to understand and designers find it hard to explain it - so, here's some resources that will help you have the "No Spec Work" conversation and you'll come out looking a pro!


The "FOLD" is the subject of much debate these days. With the many browser and now mobile screen sizes, the fold can be a thorn in many designers and marketers sides. Some would say that we're a web society now so scrolling is not an issue, others will argue that your calls to action must be above the fold or your loose leads. Here's some resources to help educate your client on what "The Fold" is and why it should be an important consideration when designing any online business or website.


We've all had that argument at one time or another, whether on the design end or the business end… The age old question of "White-Space". How much is too much and how much is not enough? Here's a few articles that will help you educate your clients on White-Space and the value it plays in professional design.


Here's some helpful tips on sending and delivering files. We've all been there before. You get a logo file in a TIFF format, or a video file is too big to send. Or, maybe you're a client and have no idea what file types mean - here's some information that will help you out.


What is a wireframe? How can they aid in design? Why should every project start with a wireframe? These are the questions we'll attempt to answer with some help from our fellow bloggers.


Content. I think I just heard some cringing :-) as some web designers just recalled their last web project! Content is the hardest thing to collect from a client, but why? Is it the writing, the time, or just a misunderstanding about the importance of content and the roll it plays in a companies websites?

Well, let's take a look and find out why Content is important and how you can get better at providing it. Whether your a designer or business owner - these posts are for you.


As a business owner, how should you give feedback on a web or graphics project? In order to maximize your investment, it's important to know what good feedback is. Hint… It's not "I like blue". The following articles will provide some insight not only into how to provide feedback but why good feedback is essential to a successful web project.


While some of these articles are older, I think you'll find some valuable and practical advice here to make sure that you don't get stuck with an upset client or a poor design that doesn't convert visitors into leads! Most of all, these are the exact blog posts, articles and how-to's that changed the way we do business here at EBWAY Creative.  

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Jonathan Hinshaw

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

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