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If you've been working with Business Catalyst for any amount of time you know how hard it is to learn how to design and build sites around. At EBWAY Creative, we spent the first 6 months just trying to do things that no one else was doing. Sure, it was a good experience and we learned how to use the system, but what a painful process. Fortunately, you don't have to go through the trial and error route anymore - like we did...


Kiyuco is a new BC Tutorial site for BC designers and website owners to learn how to use BC... properly. Managed and created by one of our favorite BC design agencies, Simple Flame (who you probably already knew about), Kiyuco is the only online training center avaiable where you can actually learn how to use Business Catalyst in a professional way. There's no hacks or cheap tricks - just real world examples that will show you how to unlock the power of BC.


Each lesson includes a Video, Source Files, and Links to anything you need to follow along. The best part is the simplicity. I'm still amazed at how much information they packed into the site and yet it's not overwhelming.


The Test.

I asked if one of our non-techies, who never uses BC, if he would try it out and see how it went. He was able to follow along and actually produce what the video promised with ease. I was amazed! With almost no BC background, he created an image rotator, then linked it into a custom module on one of our test sites. And all that in about 10 minutes, wow!


What makes it so easy?

Well, for starters - you watch the video and use the source files at the same time. Every time you click on a tab to grab a resource or check the comments, the video pauses until you come back. There's no pausing and catching up, it just works the way you do.

Follow along and you get results, go figure!


And Then...

Every lesson is linked in with the powerful community tool called DISQUS. By taping into Disqus, Kiyuco is letting the community help each other and bring new ideas to the table at each tutorial. This means the lessons are always up to date and you've got an entire community behind every lesson. It's a wonderful way to improve the training and one of my personal favs, as far a features go.



Look, for $30 bucks a month, you're just not going to get any better - so just for the value alone, it's a winner. Kiyuco is the perfect mix of training, resources, and community.

The truth is, I've been saving this post for a week now wondering if I should even post it, worrying that maybe Kiyuco is creating more competition for EBWAY - let alone it's made by a competitor (and we love 'em)...

But, you know what, we've got sites like and Adobe TV that can turn any web designer into a web guru, yet no one seems to ever want education. Truthfully, I believe there's enough business to go around and I'm pretty confident in EBWAY's abilities to deliver what no other company can. That being said, if you're a BC Partner and not investing in your education, shame on you - $30 is less than my monthly Starbucks bill, so what are you waiting for? Go learn something!

THE VERDICT? (drum roll please...)

11 out of 10 stars!

Visit Kiyuco today and check out the Free Videos to test out the system at, you'll be glad you did. You'll be a better designer, more knowledgeable about BC, and you're customers will be very, very happy.

Jonathan Hinshaw

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Friday, December 03, 2010

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