Business Catalyst Scheduled Update

Business Catalyst has a scheduled update on Feb 20th - please read...

What is happening?

We are migrating all sites and BC application infrastructure from Sydney Primus to Sydney Ultimo in one bulk-move!

  • Target Start Date/Time: 1:00AM Sunday 20 February 2011 (Australian EDT) | 6:00AM Saturday 19 February 2011 (US Pacific) | 2:00PM Saturday 19 February 2011 (London)
  • Target End Date/Time: 7:00AM Sunday 20 February 2011 (Australian EDT) | 12:00PM Saturday 19 February 2011 (US Pacific) | 8:00PM Saturday 19 February 2011 (London)
  • Customer Impact - All Customers: After the migration, you will be required to update your DNS redelegation to our new nameservers. 

During the migration, you will also experience the following:

  1. DW Extension and Triangle will not work
  2. BC Partners won't be able to login into Partner Portal
  3. All user management functions will be unavailable (ie. create user, edit user, delete user)
  4. DNS management tools will be unavailable
  5. Setting a start page will not work
  6. Clicking "Webmail" from the Admin Console will not work
  7. Users will receive an error upon logout
  8. Users may experience intermittent logouts as session tokens expire
  9. Users who are associated with a Partner Site on the legacy DC will be unable to login to all sites

Steps you need to take

For all sites with domains redelegated to Business Catalyst, you will need to update your DNS redelegation to use our new nameservers. For instructions please refer to this knowledgebase article. You will have a time window of 60 days to do this following completion of the migration.

Following this date, we will be decommissioning our legacy nameservers.

Please Note: We are sending an email (Feb 16th @2pm Mountain) to all of the website owners that are clients of EBWAY Creative. This email contains instructions and more details.

Thank you.

Jonathan Hinshaw

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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