Choosing The Right Keywords SEO Workbook

Download this free Keyword Research Workbook to understand the keywords and key phrases that will help improve your organic search results.

The first step to successful keyword research is to become familiar with the website for which you are building keyword research. If this is for your own website, then you should already be familiar with the site.

Generate Your Keyword List

Generate a list of all the keywords related to your industry and your website. You will want to use Excel, or similar program, to list your keywords so you can sort them later on. Also, grab your copy of the keyword research workbook at the bottom of this article.  

  • Break Down Keywords: Once you have a good, solid list of keywords start to break the large list down into smaller lists. Each list should be more focused on a certain term or concept. This is going to allow you to have a better grasp of your keywords and save time when it is time to apply your research to the different pages on your website.
  • Add Relevant Terms: Once you’ve broken your master list down into smaller lists, go through your lists and start to build those lists out further. Take your core keyword for each list and start to add other relevant terms to it. Don‘t censor your keywords at this point, just add them as you think of them. (Do this for each list you have.)
  • Clean The List: Now that you have large, robust individual lists, it’s time to start throwing out the terms and phrases that don’t have anything to do with your website. Try to get your lists lean and targeted.

Keyword Research Tools

You now have many small lists of relevant, targeted keywords that relate to your website. It is time to check the search volumes of those keyword phrases. Try using one of these tools below... 

Keyword Research Workbook (Free Download) 

Download this free SEO Keyword Research Workbook from EBWAY Creative. This is an actionable workbook that will guide you from start to finish. Knowing where and how to start is half the battle. 

seo keyword research workbook



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Saturday, January 25, 2014

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