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Content Marketing is about growing traffic and leads, not just creating more content. Check out these benchmarks and improve your ROI today.

What Is Content Marketing? 

Over the past year we've seen a dramatic increase in this thing called "Content Marketing". A practice that every marketer understands yet also mystifies the average business owner. Content Marketing is not just about creating more blog posts or better social media content, it's about growing revenue. Content Marketing is about growing traffic and leads, not just creating more content. This includes blogging, landing pages, downloads, Twitter, Facebook and more. There's even a new phenomenon called infographics that marketers are using to improve their content marketing efforts. But what it is all about and why is it so important business owners understand it? Keep reading... 

popular content marketing tactics 

Let's change the term from "Content Marketing" to "Inbound Marketing". Actually, they mean the same thing but Inbound Marketing seems to have more impact on those who hear it. You see, Inbound Marketing is about pulling your audience towards your business and creating interest, not pushing them to special offers. If done right - it will help with your SEO efforts, your PPC efforts and it will even help with you Social media efforts. After all, content is still the KING of the Internet. 

content marketing process 

If (like me) you have now come to the conclusion that Content Marketing / Inbound Marketing is for you - what's next? What are the benchmarks? How can Content Marketing work for you? Where do you start? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you plan on and budget for your own Content Marketing Marketing campaigns. To help you get started, we've attached a PDF download to this article that will walk you through the Benchmarks and help you start to formulate your plan.

Download: Marketing Benchmarks from 7000 Businesses (provided by HubSpot)

Jonathan Hinshaw

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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

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