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Using Video, these content marketers have taken their brands to the next level. Check out these awesome examples of Content Marketing in action.

When you hear the words "Content Marketing", what do you think of? You should be thinking of sharable, likable content that generates loyal followers and new prospects. Take a look at these example of Content Marketing in action... 

This week I wanted to share a quick tip, along with some examples of the best content marketing that I've ever seen. But first, it's important to understand why content marketing works and why I believe it's better for business growth than any other lead generation tactic. 

Old School Marketing

content marketing

This graphic shows a typical lead centric approach. This is how 90% of the business owners we work with see their website. They attract new prospects, some leak out and some become clients. But, in the end - they just keep re-targeting new leads and new offers over and over and over again. 

New School Marketing

content marketing

Those who are taking advantage of Content Marketing understand that it can get shared, passed around and in the end - grow it's own audience. So, the never ending cycle of targeting and re-targeting just goes away. With an Audience-Centric approach to marketing you will start to create raving fans, not just leads. 

Content Marketing

With content marketing in place, your message can reach a much larger audience than ever before. Now, all you have to do is to provide high value content that these raving fans can share with their networks. 


Content Marketing Examples

Check out these links to see some of the best content marketing efforts in practice today. Once you've taken a look at the what these successful companies are doing, call a meeting with your team and start to plan your next content marketing strategy today! 

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Jonathan Hinshaw

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

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