So much content, too little time!

Content marketing is not a buzz word. With the search engines trying to weed out the garbage, it's now more important than ever to get your content situated. But, who has the time to research and write articles, blog posts, news feeds, social posts and all that other content related stuff that it takes to not only create but keep a brand going online? Even the web pros, like us, get overwhelmed by the effort.

In fact, producing engaging content is the #1 reason business owners lack quality content. And it's the #1 thing that an propel your brand forward in a digital age. This info graphic below will illustrate.

content marketing challenges


What Should I Do?


That's a great question. First, you should adjust your advertising and/or marketing budget to include both content creation and content marketing. Next, you'll need some help. Make sure you have a relationship with someone who can assist you. This isn't the office person that only works on Saturday's... this is a real expert skilled in research, copyrighting and interviewing. They need to be tech savvy and well educated within the field of digital content creation and distribution. Again, this usually isn't an employee you would have on hand. Don't be fooled or try to save a buck. This is important, so get an expert. Don't go cheap on content, it's the only thing separating you from your competitors, the only thing!

We do a lot of content creation here, but we rarely publish on our own. One thing we've adopted here at EBWAY is to take a break from normal work every Friday and focus on Content Creation. That's right, all we do on Friday's is research, plan and write. Then, we distribute to our content marketing partners and let that ball bounce! It's easy, once you get a system in place. You can do this, actually, you must do this!

Content Creation Pros

We use a company called In fact, they have helped us with many client content needs and it's always top-notch. If you aren't good at writing - which judging from the list of people that actually make a living at it, you probably aren't -  then these guys are one of the best. In fact, Content & Blog has been a big part of our own success, so we felt like we should shamelessly plug them in this post.

Now, go make some content :-)

Jonathan Hinshaw

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

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