Digital Marketing Planning Guide Plan To Succeed In 2014

Plan to succeed in 2014 with this digital marketing planning guide. Learn the 5 sins of Bad Marketing and how to fix them. Free guide included.

The 5 Sins of Bad Marketing & How To Fix Them

The rewards of digital marketing can be amazing. But, all too often I speak with business owners and marketers that say their social media efforts are literally fruitless. Forget bringing in leads from Facebook, the groups I spoke to last year couldn't even get likes outside their personal friends. Why is it so hard for some of us to really get it? Well, it starts with poor planning and the social marketing failures unfold from there. 

If you want to enjoy greater success in 2014, then social media marketing is going to be a crucial area to focus on. Let's start the year off with learning the 5 Sins of Bad Marketing and How To Fix Them.

   Sin 1 - Too Much Hype
   Sin 2 - No Imagination
   Sin 3 - Laziness (Lack of Focus)
   Sin 4 - Commercial Disconnection
   Sin 5 - Lack Of Planning

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Social Media Marketing In 2014

There's really no time to waste. Before you know it, it will be October, then December and you will have missed growing your business another 10, 30 or even 50 percent. You can do this, it's not rocket science. It just takes commitment, patience and a capable team. 

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Jonathan Hinshaw

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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