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Unlock the power of your Google Analytics with these 4 critical custom reports. Free custom reports: Content Efficiency, Keyword Analysis, Link Analysis and Social Media.

I love reports! In fact, when we sign up new clients it's usually the first thing they comment on. Data is boring, let's be honest - but it doesn't have to be. The initial default reports you get from Google Analytics are very high level. They suck. So, we made some that are actually very useful. 

Custom Google Analytics Reporting Templates

The following custom reporting templates will save you hours of time. Plus, you'll get to unlock some pretty cool (and very actionable) data for your clients, or for your own website. Simply click the link, select a GA account and apply the template. By the way, you're welcome :) 

google custom reports

Content Efficiency Report >>

Keyword Analysis Report >>

Link Analysis Report >>

Social Media Report >>

These custom reporting templates are provided EBWAY Creative. If you would like to see more usable content like this, let us know! Enjoy the reports :) 

Jonathan Hinshaw

Post Date:
Monday, February 03, 2014

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