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Google has recently updated it’s Google Local Business pages quality guidelines. Follow these quality guidelines to make sure your brand is findable.

For those of you who are not aware, a Google Local page most often shows up in Google Maps and their Knowledge Graph search results. They make it pretty clear if people simply followed its basic guidelines, they’d perform better in search results. Check them out here >> 

Google Local Business Page Quality Highlights

  • Names and categories have to be used consistently for businesses with multiple locations
  • Overly complicated descriptors shouldn’t be included in titles and summaries
  • Solo entrepreneurs and business owners must use the ‘practitioner’ category
  • Separate departments serving different customer purposes must have their own categories

Check out Mike Blumenthal’s blog post to learn more about these changes in detail -

What You Need To Know About Google Local

Marketers, SEOs and Business Owners need to keep things organic and straightforward. If you’re being too specific or overly complicated to try to game the system for local searches, Google will penalize you – that applies to content overall!

Take the time to look at your local business page to make sure you’re following the guidelines and don’t try to hard. It’s important not to blend into the background, but it doesn’t pay to force it on the web. People won’t find you if you’re too specific or deliberately different because they probably aren’t searching for the terms you’re using.

This is advice all local business owners need to take to heart

You need to be available to the lowest-common denominator, even if you’re an expert in a niche space or sell very specific products. Think about the people early in the sales funnel who may need education to be able to follow along with technical information. A business might serve a very unique service in the marketplace, but being too committed to being different and idiosyncratic mean it will be harder to appear in search results, Google listings and even social media. SEO is about capturing search traffic and most people aren’t making expert-level queries. 

Keep it simple. 

Jonathan Hinshaw

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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

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