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If you're a professional web designer or developer you already know how important it is to have a good list of the tasks that will be required to finish your project on time and within budget. Over the years I've tried every kind of list tool you can imagine and they all are built for anyone but a web designer, at least it seems that way. I had all but given up until a few months ago when we started using a tool called Launch List - and now there's a Pro edition with all the options we asked them to add (as a community).

What's the point?

Take a look at the multitude of options and settings within Business Catalyst and let's talk about how you can use Launch List to improve your BC sales.

1. Build Your Lists

First, setup a Launch List with every task required to complete a BC website (online business) - this will take you about 4-5 hours to get right since Launch List let's you include links and details within the list. Launch List will allow you to set up Multiple Lists, so you can add things like like Web Apps and E-commerce quickly. For example, when I add E-commerce to a Launch List, there' about 25 additional tasks that go with it! - More tasks, more costing, more costing, more time to launch - you get the picture.

This also helps you phase out the project into a workable budget, build in phases instead of 50% down and 50% on completion, which is a horrible way to bill anyways.

2. The Take-Away

Then, you go over this with your client and do what we call in sales - "The Take Away."

A "Take Away" is where you ask the client if they need it, not if they'll pay for it. You start by keeping everything they need, then you go over some pricing and if they need a lower price for any reason at all, you start to "Take Away" items within the list.

3. The Easy Compromise

It's important to let the client WIN. We all want to win! Launch List allows us to show our clients how much work a simple site takes, then they see the amount work required for each thing they want and in the end, you're costing is justified.

Let's face it, websites aren't cheap - and neither are Online Businesses, but you have to have a way to explain this to your prospect other than "It's complicated" - trust me - this way works for all involved and you'll have very happy clients in the end. Why? Because they helped you build the quote, working together makes it a Win/Win! Good Luck...

Launch List Pro

This is a fantastic tool that can help you stay on track during any web project, all the way to the Launch! And for $5 bucks a month for a Freelancer plan, there' no reason not to use it. In the end, we all need to have a list so we don't sell ourselves short.

As designers and developers, it's common to agree to a large project thinking there's a good amount of money in it, but after you actually see the amount of work that it's going to take, you may want to re-think your strategy!

Finally, we also use Launch List to combat Scope Creep - if it's not on the list, it's not included in the pricing. We'll talk more about that later, for now - just try our Launch List, you'll be glad you did.


Launch List

Jonathan Hinshaw

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Thursday, December 09, 2010

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