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Learn how digital and creative agencies plan to tackle lead generation in 2015.

A New Era for Lead Generation

Leads are the life blood of any agency sales pipeline. But today, prospects are becoming much more sophisticated about how they engage with companies and it's getting more and more competitive by the minute. So, if leads are the fuel that propels business, how will your agency reach the next level of lead generation performance 2015?

View the charts below... these answers come from SaaS (software as a service) superstars SharpSpring and Ascend2 who surveyed 375 business and marketing professionals to find out how they will tackle lead generation next year. This report presents a unique view of marketing challenges based on a variety of agency client marketing situations. We hope you find it valuable as you put these answers to use within your organization.

Improving the quality of leads generated is the most important objective for agencies. 

most important objectives

84% of agencies believe they could be doing more to drive lead generation success.  

driving leads

Agencies see content creation, strategy, and budget as the three biggest roadblocks to successful lead generation.

challenging lead generation obstacles

The majority of agencies say that marketing and sales are not completely in sync when it comes to the sales process.

definition of a lead

Agencies find that content and email marketing are the most effective digital tactics for lead generation.

most effective lead generation tactics

The rise of marketing automation has resulted in a dramatic uptick in the effectiveness of lead generation.

lead generation effectiveness

Creating content is the biggest obstacle to lead generation for most agencies.

most difficult online marketing tactics

Marketing automation lets agencies handle more of their lead generation in-house.

lead gen tactics

Combining content and email marketing gives the most bang for your marketing buck.

lead generation tactic comparison

Lead nurturing drives cost-per-lead down, but cost-per-lead is going up for agencies that don't.

cost per lead

Almost all marketing agencies are using or are planing to use marketing software to drive lead generation further.

marketing software


How does this affect or change your planning for 2015? Are you looking to employe some sort of email marketing or lead generation software next year? If so, we'd love to hear about it in the comments below... Thanks for reading :) 
Jonathan Hinshaw

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

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