MEDIUM Grow Your Reach With Thought Leadership is a powerful social blogging platform that can help you sharpen your message and grow your influence. Is #Medium the next social media buzz tool?

From customized reading lists to a Top 100, Medium has all the makings of a thought leadership powerhouse. It's intuitive interface and easy to use features allow anyone who has something to say, say it with grace. 

Find Your Audience 

Medium helps you find your audience with their insightful "Collections" tool. With it, you can add your article to other Medium collections or create your own. It's truly a social blog. 

I started using it about a month ago and I have to say it's an amazing platform. The user interface actually helps you focus on your words. With simple tools to add imagery, related posts, external links, social sharing, recommendations, tags and collections - this thing rocks! 

Plus, you can connect your Google+ Authorship tag, one of the best search engine optimization signals to date. You just can't loose. 


The 2 Minute Read 

Best part, Medium actually estimates how long it takes to actually read through the post. So, when you share it, you're audience will get a quick idea about how long it will take them to get through it. This is going to be huge as people are already overwhelmed with content. 

medium posts

Get started! Go lock in your collection name, brand name, etc. And start taking advantage of this social blogging platform now. You'll be glad you did. I truly believe this could be one of greatest tools for generating thought leadership of our time. 

Take a moment to check out my story's here -

Share your Medium Collections with me below, I'll follow you - you'll follow me - that's how it works. Send me your story's! 

Jonathan Hinshaw

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Friday, January 10, 2014

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