Studio Price Increases (October 2010)

Please read this post for details of our current studio pricing. Over the years EBWAY has been working hard to bring our client base the very best in content management systems and website marketing tools. Since part of our job is keeping up with technology, we felt it was important to increase the benefits of our website product offerings.


The Details.

Why a Price Increase?

First, it's important to mention that only our hosting fees and support fees are increasing. It basically comes down to supply and demand. Our clients are demanding more from us, so our costs are increasing. The days of simple or technical errors with an email account are over. Now days, the support is much more complex - we're dealing with browsers, coding, and most of our clients, in an effort to save costs, are not using EBWAY for critical updates and upgrades for their websites thus, our costs have increased. 

Those of you who have been with EBWAY for a long time, know that our last price increase was in 2003! Almost a decade has gone by and we've watched computers, software, and business products go up in price year after year, while EBWAY has stayed the same, or even lowered pricing on occasion. This effort to keep the costs down is always in combat with quality. At some point costs must be adjusted in order to ensure quality. The only other choice is to let quality go and become the low cost leader, which EBWAY will not do. 

What's the "Value Add"?

One thing we're doing is adding a new Client Support Area to our website, an area that our clients will be able to log into and look at past cases, tickets, downloads, and videos that apply to their support cases. We've also upgraded the monthly plans to include more features, take a look at the CATALYST™ subscriptions here:

New Pricing.

CMS (content management system) Hosting Increase:

For clients using website management systems like Wordpress, Magento, or custom applications, our private server costs have increased. This is due to security upgrades and updates we've installed to make the sites more secure, increase their speed, and increase up time. We felt these increases were necessary in order to continue to provide the excellent service that our client's have grown to expect from EBWAY.

  • Standard hosting fees start at $45/mo
  • Domain Name Management fee is $29.95/yr

Business Catalyst Subscriptions:

General Studio Rates:

  • Consulting via Phone: $150 - $200/hr
  • Web Design/Development: $100 - $150/hr

DOWNLOAD STUDIO PRICE GUIDE: Click Here for Updated Price Guide.

If you have any questions or would like to review your current plan, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Thank you.

- Sincerely,

Jonathan Hinshaw / Co-Founder of EBWAY Creative 

Jonathan Hinshaw

Post Date:
Friday, September 24, 2010

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