There Are No Guarantees for Winners

You didn't get into business to live a life of quiet desperation. Let's get up and fight for our business!

You didn't start your business to live on empty promises and broken dreams.

Today I got to speak with one of my favorite mentors on the topic of sales and entrepreneurship. Basically, I started to put some idea together for an interview that I plan on doing for a couple of our partner networks and I got to thinking about sales, business and all that marketing stuff we go on and on about her at EBWAY. I got to thinking "Why am I in business?". Is it to get rich? Is it to travel? Or was it just because I got sick and tired of my job? Basically... YES, YES and YES. I started EBWAY Creative because of those things but the fact is, those wants are so far from my goals today that I don't even remember thinking like that. Like a lot of entrepreneurs I believe that I started my business for all the wrong reasons and somehow - I'm still here.

So let's get on with it - here's the goods... 

Can I Get A Guarantee?

One of the best responses that I've ever heard (in my life) to that famous question we (Internet Marketing & SEO Pros) get from prospects all the time "Can I get a Guarantee?"... or, sometimes it comes other forms like "How do I know this will work for me?". 

The response went something like this: 

Prospect asks...
"What type of guarantee can you provide that this (whatever service you're offering) will work for me?" 

Consultant responds with...
"Nope. There are no guarantees in life for those who want to Win. Did the gymnast who trained for 20 years get a guarantee that she would get a Gold Medal? Was the King who fought for his land guaranteed that if he showed up to battle he would win? Can you name one person who's become truly successful that never had to take a risk or fight for their success? If you don't want to take a risk then go back to your day job and I can absolutely guarantee you a life of quiet desperation and a meager existence - I can absolutely guarantee you thirty thousand dollars a year and a small desk in the corner somewhere. If you don't want to throw away your fear of failure and take a step that might be painful or scary - get out of business now." 

You see, if you/we want to be successful - you're going to have to take some risk! You're going to have to fight for whats yours and take a few blows. If you truly want to be successful you're going to have to drop your fear of failure, stop looking for guarantees and be willing to get up when you get knocked down and get back into the game. If you can't do that - you don't deserve to win. At the end of the day, if you keep getting up when you get knocked down - you will WIN.  

And when you WIN... when you have a successful business -  you will have the battle scars to prove that you made it and the experience to make it last. Those who are not willing to take risks or get hurt don't deserve to WIN. This is why only 1 out of ever 1,000 entrepreneurs ever make it. It's funny, but failure is actually caused because of the fear of failure! So, get on with it - take the risk that your competition is too afraid to take, spend that money on marketing and go fight for your patch of land. 


If you need help or if there's anything that I can do to help you prosper, drop me a line. I know what it's like to fail, but (more importantly) I also know what it like to WIN. Here at EBWAY, we build businesses - that's all we know how to do. 

Jonathan Hinshaw

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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