Why Websites Don't Work

We live in a digitally connected society — nearly 3 billion people are online right now and each one is a potential customer. So why doesn't your website work...

What is the primary technology you can use to market to these people via the Internet and convert them into customers? NO! Stop! Don’t say it! It’s not your “Website”. 

I knew you were going to say that and that is the lie that you’ve been sold. This is also why you’re reading this article, odds are - you’re website doesn’t work as well as you had once hoped it would. Tell me I’m wrong, or keep reading to find out why your website doesn’t bring in the business that you so desperately hoped that it would.

Why Websites Don’t Work

Websites are considered by most business owners to be the primary Internet marketing technology used today but they are not. Don’t believe me? Check this out - if all you had to do was put up a quality website to grow your business - then why do business owners fail left and right in the digital space? In short, it’s because the only thing they have is a website.

Think about it… Business owners across the globe constantly re-build, re-design and re-do their web sites in an endless loop full of high hopes and major let downs. It’s a never ending cycle. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. So, why do we continue to throw money at the never ending website redesign pit? Because we’re hoping that “this time” will be different.

I’m not against websites. You have to have one. More over, your website needs to be professional, engaging, dynamic, etc. But, if you do nothing to send traffic to your site so that it can have a chance to do it’s job - you’ll get nothing in return.

Where’s The Cheese?

Your Website is the face of your company. But your website is not a marketing strategy, it’s just a platform and, if your lucky, an engaging online asset that visitors can use to learn more about your business.

That's why I say that websites are nothing more than giant mouse traps. And like any mouse trap, it’s completely useless without any bait (aka cheese). The bait (or cheese in this case) are the things that happen outside your website that drive traffic to it.

Some examples of website bait (aka mousetrap cheese) include; blog posts, digital resources, paid search ads, articles, reviews, testimonials, social media posts, social ads, etc. These are the things that drive traffic and ultimately, sales. These are the things that give your website a chance to make something happen.

Website + Marketing = Revenue

Your Website is at the center of your online marketing efforts. But it is not a marketing plan, it’s a mousetrap, that’s it. It’s what solidifies the deal - after the visitor has been brought in by the bait, the cheese.

Why am I going crazy about this? Well, let me show you some numbers…

There are a number of reports that track the marketing spend as it shifts from Traditional (Radio, TV, Print) to Online (Blogging, PPC, SEO, Etc). According to Gartner, total spend on “Digital Marketing” by large companies is now over $500B annually. That’s half a trillion dollars!

  • Spend on all of “Digital Advertising” (Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is $106B
  • Spend on "Websites" - over $130B!

This is craziness. It’s insanity.

Business owners are spending a huge amount of time, effort, and money on their websites without spending a dollar on digital marketing (seo, ppc, content, etc). And we wonder why the web design industry has such a bad rap. Go figure.

Take Action Now

By 2020, 5 Billion people will be online, and each will be a potential customer. Are you prepared for this new digital marketing age? If you would like to be, get in touch with us because we won’t look through the “you gotta have a website” lens. Instead, we’ll look through the “what will drive revenue for your business” lens and that’s how we’ll help you grow your company. There is no other way.

Jonathan Hinshaw

Post Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 2014

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