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Carrier North America is one of the largest manufactures of home comfort products in the world. As a premier heating and air conditioning manufacturer the next step for Carrier was to create a certified dealer program that would enable them to build brand trust with their dealers and their dealers' customers. Once in place, they would need a way for consumers to connect to the certified dealer database. That's where we come in...

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- User Experience Design
- Content Architecture
- Web Application
- Dealer Locator
- API Integration

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Carrier Certified Dealer Program

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We cut our teeth in the home comfort industry back in 2005 when we launched a HVAC website platform for dealers. With over 1500 contractor sites in place we became the go-to provider for the HVAC industry as a whole. Carrier approached EBWAY with their desire to create an integrated web application that would allow them to build their brand. The goal was to create a dealer based training program that once completed would allow that dealer to be listed in the Carrier dealer database. Working closely with Carrier, we designed and launched the Carrier dealer certification program. 

Once launched, we integrated the dealer certification program into the dealer locator, automating a once time consuming and confusing process. In the end, we were able to help Carrier save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year with this new automated system. Now that's a win-win! 

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