Case Study - Four Winds Farm & Tack

Local Tack Store Takes on the Big Guys!

Four Winds Farm & Tack is a local equestrian training facility located in Northern Colorado. In addition to creating an online presence that would enable them to market their unique horse products to a wider audience, Four Winds also wanted to translate their vast equine knowledge into revenue through the use of web video training.

After the Four Winds team quickly and enthusiastically selected one of Jonathan's concepts, he was able to move to the final design. The entire team was thrilled with the way the design seamlessly integrated photography that captures the grandeur of the equestrian world with the bright, friendly, and utilitarian aesthetic of equine tack, apparel, and saddlery. Plus, they sold more stuff.

Services Provided

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Project Overview

Originally, the Four Winds owners came to us looking for an easy to use e-commerce website that would allow them to sell their products online. The only catch was that the Four Winds Farm did not have the buying power to compete with the larger online retailers. They needed a strategy, and timing was absolutely critical as they were already losing sales, as well as valuable market share.

Website ResultsAfter we completed the initial market research and competitor analysis, we found that price was not actually the determining factor within their industry, but selection. By combining the Four Winds inventory with drop shipping partners, they were able to provide their customers with a wider range of products, making the buying process more enjoyable.

This enabled the Four Winds to capture more sales as customers did not have to visit more than one retailer in order to get the equine products they needed.

ecoomerce resultsThe final challenge was to bridge the gap between their online and retail customer base. By combining their new online store with their re-designed website, Four Winds could now take full advantage of their all-in-one solution. Allowing them to offer coupons and discounts to their loyal boarding customers while selling products across the globe.

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