Hashish House - Business Catalyst Project

Online Pre-Order System

When Hashish House (aka Pueblo Dispensary) came to EBWAY Creative for a new website, we found they had a major problem with their ordering process. The popularity of their product was creating 3, even 4 hour wait times and lines out the door as they were unable to service the marketplace effectively.

Our solution was to design a pre-ordering process that would allow customers to put together their orders online. This not only decreased the wait times, it gave Hashish House a chance to improve their revenue by over 40% within the first 3 months!

- Process Design/Planning
- Website Design
- Business Consulting
- Internet Marketing

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Colorado's First Dispensary Pre-Order System

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When marijuana became legal in Colorado (where EBWAY is located) the medical dispensaries where overrun with customers who wanted to purchase recreational marijuana. There were 3-4 hour wait times, unhappy customers and unhappy business owners. That's when Hashish House approached EBWAY Creative and asked us if we could solve this problem.  Our Business Catalyst experts designed Colorado's first marijuana dispensary pre-ordering system that practically eliminated wait time and increased the efficiency of Hashish Houses's Pueblo Dispensary. The result was amazing. Within 90 days their revenue grew over 40% and they are now the chosen destination for the surrounding cities. 

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