Mike Wittenstein - Internet Marketing Campaign

International Domination & Branding Challenge

Mike Wittenstein is a customer experience designer. After working with brands like Apple, IBM and others, Mike approached EBWAY to assist him in re-branding his online image. By the way... his brand spans 4 countries!

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Marketing Branding Results

International Internet Marketing Campaign

custom websiteThe goal - to create an international brand image for Mike and help amplify his message to the masses (while increasing sales of course). In collaboration with Mike's internal designers, our Internet Marketing experts architected and deployed a content marketing strategy that included multi-lingual seo, social media, video seo and more. Within 3 months EBWAY had improved Mike's website visitors by almost 300% while at the same time generating over $200k in revenue for his consulting services. 

Plus, Mike is the only customer to ever send us 2 referrals within the first week of working together. We must have done something right!

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