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The PGE Story

Power Gen Enterprises had finally reached critical mass and was growing out of their current technology platform.

They needed to migrate their existing products into a new, more scalable CMS system and they also desired a more powerful way to manage their growing list of products. We were thrilled to be able to help them!

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- Web Development
- Technology Platform Integration
- Database Migration

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The Generator Super Store

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The PGE website is a fantastic example of the power of Magento. Even though PGE doesn't sell their products online (because they cost hundreds of thousands of dollars) - they desperately needed a way to manage their ever expanding list of products both inside and outside their organization. Prior to hiring EBWAY, they were stuck in a system that put them into a corner. It was out of date, un-scalable and hurting their business growth. 

Our Magento experts took the designs provided by PGE and integrated their new product management system into Magento. While we can't take credit for the design, we can take 100% credit for the massive product migration that took place moving over 6500 SKUs from a legacy system into their new technology platform. The end result, an amazing site and more time to focus on the business instead of the technology! 

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