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10 weeks ago I embarked on a journey that would require me to be a mentor for entrepreneurs and small business owners across the world. This article is basically a run down of what my experience, as a mentor, was like... spoiler alert - it was amazing!

10 Weeks of Life Changing Events  

The $10k Bootcamp is a product of the team headed up by Brent Weaver and Steve Theil, proven masterminds and dedicated operators with a proven track record and a knack for success. 12 weeks ago I was approached by these two business savants and they asked me if I would like to participate in "version #2" of their $10K Bootcamp. They asked if I'd like to be a mentor. Of course I said yes, but to be honest - I didn't really even know what I was signing up for! I'd been a consultant for years, a business owner for a decade... so I figured why not - I got this, let's rock and roll. 

As we began to unpack the details of this 10 week course, I started to realize that this wasn't your average mastermind group. Far from it! This wasn't anywhere close to what I was thinking it was. As I slowly began to educate myself on the course work I started to realize that these guys were about to give away decades of experience within a couple months. They were about to open a can of whoop ass on struggling businesses across the globe and propel these hungry entrepreneurs into a whole new dimension of business ownership, heck - into a whole new way of life. And so it began... 

Success Is Contagious 

The course started and we were off to the races! As each week passed I started to feel the momentum shift, the course work, the videos, the online portal - everything started to catch fire and there was an excitement in the air. I'd never seen anything like it. People were coming in that had been struggling for years to make a paycheck and within days they were turning their businesses around. 

Stories started to come in during the first week as these new boot campers who had been working for pennies on the dollar were starting to close deals that they had only dreamed of. And the success stories just kept coming and coming and coming. Some applied the things they were learning in an instant and they saw results. Others would sit on the ideas and apply them slowly - but they too would see results. 

"Could this really be happening?"
 - I asked myself during the 2nd week.

"Are these guys really doing it or are they making it up?"
Nope, this was happening alright. I could feel it in the air. 

So, what was the secret to this new found success. Were these business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, etc - were they just poor at business? No. In fact, most of these "$10K'er's" (a nick name we gave the bootcamp attendees) were smarter than me and some had been in business longer than me. I kept wondering - what in the world is going on here? Then, it hit me... Success is 80% attitude and 20% skill. As each $10K'er started to learn how to apply proven revenue driving tactics to their own businesses, they started to believe that it was possible to be successful. The idea of success wasn't illusive anymore. It became as simple as doing the things put forth and taking action. These struggling soles finally got the answers that they had been searching for all their lives. And the best part was, I got to watch it unfold before my very eyes. 

Learning By Osmosis 

I'm a bit old fashioned in that I believe that you are who you hang with. You know the old saying "Birds of a feather..." right? Well, as these $10K'ers started to hang out with me and Brent and the other mentors, they started to become the businesses owners that they'd always wanted to be. The beauty of this course wasn't that there were videos or a blueprint for success or even a fancy online portal. Not at all. 

Even though those things were drop dead amazing - the beauty was that we had each other - we had one-on-one, down to business strategy sessions that put these brave soles in control of their destiny once and for all. 

As each week progressed, I started to realize that I was even becoming a better business owner as I had to review the material I was in charge of. To teach something, you'd better know your subject matter - and Brent did an amazing job at cultivating a mentor program that helped us provide value to our groups. All in all, it was a win/win. Simply amazing. 

If you ask me, uGurus over delivered on this like crazy. But that's cool, it certainly was worth it to those who attended. Anyways, back to my experience... 

A New Breed Of Business Owners 

The chart below will give you an idea of the success that we saw happening in this program. Whether the goal was to make more money, become a better business owner, streamline project management - it really didn't matter. The boot camp attendee's learned how to successful business from top to bottom. It wasn't one skill or strategy to grow a company - it was a blueprint for how to change the trajectory of a person's life. I know that sounds crazy, believe me - but it's true. 

Imagine what it could feel like to come into a course have your average deal size double or even triple. Imagine what it would be like to feel stuck (maybe you feel that way now) and then all of the sudden it's like a light bulb gets turned on and you no longer have to guess if your going to able to pay your bills next month. Imagine what it would be like to end the poverty cycle of living paycheck to paycheck and to be put in the drivers seat of your own destiny and future... If you can imagine that, you just got a small taste of what the uGurus $10K Bootcamp was like. It was simply amazing. 

Did you attend? Leave some comments below and tell us what it was like... If you have questions, go check out and get into the next $10K Bootcamp. It'll change your life. It changed mine. Thanks for reading :)

Jonathan Hinshaw

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

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